Friday, January 7, 2022

Cutie Tangerines

 Oil on Ampersand Board 6 x 6

I've always wanted to paint some form of citrus but never have until now.  I was surprised at how difficult it was to get the values correct, and I see I didn't quite manage that here and there, but this was a fabulous learning exercise.  I know to use my photo editing program to make a black and white copy of most things to get the composition right but didn't think this would be necessary.  I ended up doing that midway because of the struggle with the values.  Red and orange are lighter than one would think, so surrounding values have to be adjusted. 

I'll be doing another I'm sure.


  1. Very cool! What size canvas or board did you use?

  2. A 6" x 6" masonite board. I can't find dark masonite any more, and I don't want to pay Ampersand's price for their panels, so I use the baltic birch panels on when I need to refresh my supplies. They have to be gessoed before use, but I enjoy that process and the price is great if you like a rigid painting surface. Gonna give it a try???

  3. My mom stockpiled a few dozen canvas boards in a 16" x 22" and I inherited them, but I used to sued a much larger stretch canvases and I've thinking I should try some smaller projects. I'm surprised you can find dark Masonite anymore. We used it a lot back in my active art dsys.