Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Lovely African Grey Parrot

12x12 Oil on stretched canvas - SOLD

Mona Lisa Livestock

12 x 16 Oil on wood panel - SOLD

I go back and forth with wood panels and stretched canvas.  I don't care for the boing of the canvas, but the smooth surface of the wood panels shows every hair and glob of paint on the surface. What I think I like best is cutting the panels and preparing them for paint.

Think I'll go ponder that for a bit.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Do you know the Kakapo?

12x16 Oil on 1/4" wood panel -SOLD

The Kakapo is a large (think small penguin) flightless bird native to New Zealand.  They are endangered and there are only about 125 left in the wild. They are long lived and can live 60 to 90 years. Such a peaceful looking creature.  I'd love to meet one. 

Friday, April 3, 2015

Arch Cape Oregon

10 x 10 oil on wood panel - SOLD
I've been working on this painting (second go round for this scene) for a ridiculous amount of time, mostly due to other obligations.  There's things I'd like to change but it ain't gonna happen.  I want to paint an animal!

White Balance settings on your camera

These photos illustrate how much difference the correct white balance can make.  Both these photos were taken at the same time....but I had the white balance wrong on the top photo.  It's important outside too because your camera will zero in on the lightest spot then try to capture all the detail around it.

This lower photo looks much closer to the painting but it's not quite as vibrant.   There's sooooo much stuff you have to pay attention to!