Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ice Tunnel - Final

12 x 36 oil on stretched cotton canvas - SOLD

Update 10/28/14: This painting and a 'very abstract' abstract (which I failed to photograph before I put it in the show), were such oddball sizes I put a bottom dollar price on them and they sold quickly.
I was surprised because they'll both have to be hung in a special spot, but hey, they're not taking up valuable real estate in my house anymore!  I discovered an inexpensive way to frame them with stained furring strips and that often makes all the difference between selling and not selling.

I painted the sides because this lends itself to being hung without a frame, and because this size frame might be hard to find.  I think a painting should be as enjoyable to look at up close as it is from a distance, so I really concentrated on brush strokes for this one.  Next one too....well heck, they all should be that way.

I also discovered sable for this painting.  I didn't use it much, but what an amazing brush for detail work! It was a used Grumbacher small sable round and it verified sable's elevated reputation, even though I'm sure it's not the best quality out there.