Saturday, August 12, 2017

What I learned from this exercise....

12 x 12 oil on panel 'Not Idaho' - SOLD

Was it hard to try and paint in the style of Millan?  Yes!  But in an all encompassing and joyful way, and I intend to do it again and again.  Those old masters were onto something.  When you copy another's work you are forced to 'look' in ways that can't help but open your mind to new methods and ideas.  It also reinforces the importance of value....even over color.  Any artist's ability to manage value is what imbues a painting with emotion.  Color may be attractive, but what brings a viewer back to look again and again is how well they manage value.  


  1. Interesting insight about values! I have resisted copying other people's artwork or even photos I didn't take myself. I need to get over that because I have much to learn.

    1. It's perfectly kosher to copy another's work, as long as you acknowledge it's a copy in the title. I was completely energized during this exercise and couldn't wait to get back to the easel. I highly recommend this as a kick-starter.

  2. I agree completely, Lauren. At art school they had us copy a master every month. Upside down no less!! It is absolutely the recommended way to learn. My hats off to you. Great job.