Friday, August 4, 2017

The DPW Challenge -Copy of Carlos San Millan

Oil on wood panel 12 x 16

Carol Marine and her husband have created a wildly successful website called Daily PaintWorks and each Saturday a new challenge is posted.

July 22nd's Challenge was to copy a painting of an artist you admire, then use what you learned to do a second piece using what you learned.  I copied from a fine Spanish contemporary artist whose work you can see at this link:  Carlos San Millan .  The painting I copied is 4 rows down and on the far right.  There are two versions of this painting out there in cyberland, but I wasn't aware of that so I chose what was probably a study for the more precisely rendered version.

Hard, yes, but really enjoyable.

The main thing I learned is unless you have the skill of a master forger, doing a copy that looks much like the original is virtually impossible because each artist's style is a result of specific brushes, knives and paints and the way his/her arm and hand work to apply the paint.

I've begun the second painting, so check back in a week or two.  I paint sloooooow!


  1. Four down on the far right on my screen is a painting by Liz Maynes. Is that you? It occurs to me that the placement not be the same on all computer screens. Either way, that's an interesting challenge! I'm not up to it yet but maybe someday. I've bookmarked the website.

    1. It's the second link leading to Millan's paintings. Thank you for your comment! I saw my post was confusing and my links barely visible, so I changed it.

    2. Found it this time. I continue to be impressed by your talent.