Friday, March 31, 2017

Grey in Flight

12 x 16 oil on canvas panel-SOLD

I pulled some stills from a couple of videos of a handsome African Grey named Gandalf, sent by a new bird friend.  Unfortunately, the stills were very small and when enlarged to do a study, they pixelate into a blur.  But the wing formations are so fascinating when birds fly - and in this case come in to land, I gave it a try.   


  1. Do you ever work in acrylics or just in oil? How long did you work on painting this African Grey? He's beautiful, by the way. I love your color sense! Vibrant but still subtle enough to live with every day.

  2. Yes I do paint in acrylics also. Ironically, I find the smell of acrylics unpleasant, so prefer oil, but acrylic has much to recommend it.

    I spent about 4 hours on this painting. Much of that time is spent stepping back to make sure I'm seeing what I want. Then I take a photo, which is wonderful for showing errors that I've missed.

  3. That's interesting about taking the photo! I used to love the smell of oils and the almost sensuality of the way a brush felt applying colors to canvas.

  4. I think this is my all time favorite of yours, Lauren. What a fabulous job you did with the wings. I find them so hard to capture in flight. I love the design, background color and technique. This is very special. true congratulations!