Thursday, May 15, 2014

Cloud Cover

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12 x 24 oil on linen canvas

This is the FINAL painting.  Trees R HARD!  Doing landscape right is HARD! You have to keep track of depth, form, where the light is falling, perspective, value and color - for each layer of recession. That's a bit easier to do in still life and when painting animals.  And I can tell more painting on location is needed. I got this photo at dusk, but the sky was very bright and of course totally washed out in the photo.  I'll keep plugging away until I get the hang of it because I'm hooked. I love visiting other blogs and seeing how much they've progressed over time.  It gives me hope.


  1. I think you've done a really nice job on this! And maybe you were too hard on yourself when it was in progress because that version looks good to me, too.
    The final may be more compelling because of your choice to limit color—gives it a quiet moody quality.