Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Abstract in oil in progress

18 x 36 Oil on stretched cotton canvas

I'm increasingly seeing the beauty of abstracted landscapes, and I had two ridiculously long, oddball canvases, (of course they were a clearance buy! Why else would anyone want them?) so I decided to get them covered and out of here, and used the odd size to do abstracts. I don't much like most abstract work because it's just like everything else - there's really good and not so good - and a lot in between.  But it can't be beat for exploring color, and I learn something wonderful from everything I try.  

I'm learning to appreciate the tinting strength of thalo green.  It's an intense phony looking color on it's own, but makes some wonderful darks mixed with alizarin, (deep forest green) transparent oxide red (the green of pond and lake water), and dioxazine purple (deep shadows).


  1. I never thought of thalo green as a phony color, but you are right. And you are also right about the rich colors you can make with it and a little bit goes a very long way I think. There's a lot of movement in your painting...very nice. I like those odd shaped canvases.

  2. Thalo Green? Good for you Lauren...I have never been able to use it but have seen it be magic in the brush of some artist. You obviously controlled it very well here.

  3. Okay - that is my comment above and it came up
    anonymous. never happened before.