Monday, March 21, 2022

Ukraine Fundraiser on DailyPaintworks - 'West to Safety'


14x18 oil on masonite panel - Final

I oiled out this painting and thought I'd ruined it, so I got all the sticky oil off that I could and decided the sky and road weren't right, so I changed them.  This really is the final. I think.

Finished....or so I thought.



I seldom do a progression so thought I'd post one with this painting even though it didn't occur to me until I was half done.  This is for a fundraiser for Ukraine on Dailypaintworks.  Of course I'd be gratified if it sold but I actually like this painting, which doesn't always happen.  So if it doesn't sell, I may just frame it and hang it right here at home.  

The differences in color all have to do with lighting and time of day.  I didn't change the colors as dramatically as it appears at each stage.  It will change again when I varnish and the colors pop.


  1. Is this of a place you see often or a place you wish you could see more often?

    1. It's the highway I take when I drive the 87 miles to Portland. Got this shot one morning with the full intention of painting it. It's a gorgeous winding drive through farmlands, dairy farms, and up over the Cascade mountain range, and changes dramatically within - and from, season to season.

  2. Nice! Make the painting extra special when it's of a place you see often.