Thursday, January 2, 2020

Waiting for the Train

8 x 10 acrylic on wood panel

This is from a photo I got a couple of years ago of two crow friends sitting on the track in the fog.  Very tricky to paint and I had to move the birds.  I'm enjoying acrylics in a way I never thought I would.  It's far more forgiving if you need to 'make repairs' and once dry I doubt anyone but an expert could tell the difference between oil and acrylic.

I see I left a shadow of one of the prior birds.  That's what you get for varnishing in the evening!  I'm curious to see if that can be 'repaired' with a coat of varnish on. 

Or should I leave it as a spooky reminder that we're all only here for a brief time?


  1. Is the shadow just to the right of the two birds? If so, I wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't sent me searching for it. You could pretend there's a bird in the sky casting a shadow. LOL I love your trees. The colors and composition remind me of an old world artist but I can't remember his name right now.

  2. I love the mood you established in this one. I would not change it because that may lead to you doing something else and before you know it...!!!
    The advantages of acrylic are too numerous to mention so I am very happy you are enjoying them.

  3. Oh wow. I love your paintings. I'm so glad you visited me. I'm excited to see more of your work!!!