Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Summer Door

8x10 acrylic on stretched canvas

This was a perfect example of why painting from life is different, and better than from a photo if you have the luxury.  I snapped a photo to see how the camera saw what I was painting.  I was startled at the photo because the window in the door was so much lighter, and that's not what I was seeing as I painted.    Here's the photo:


  1. You really have a gift for taking a simple subject and turning it into an interesting composition.

  2. This is wonderful Lauren. I especially love the things hanging on the hook in the ray of light.
    I totally understand about the window in the door being different in the photo to what you actually could see. Sunset is the bleaches it out.

  3. Nicely done! I've often thought of doing interiors but find them intimidating. Enjoyed seeing the landscape of your area—hope you won't be going to a home anytime soon!

  4. This is lovely Lauren. I think it is a charming interpretation!