Tuesday, June 19, 2012


10 x 10 oil on Baltic Birch panel

Another contribution to the fundraiser for Col. Potter's Cairn Rescue Network.  I volunteer to edit posts and trade off photo editing with another volunteer living in New York state.  If you love dogs, most rescues are looking for volunteers for computer work, foster homes, transport, etc.
Totally worthwhile, you'll work with wonderful people and help the dog who isn't lucky enough to have found a committed loving forever home,
or was born in a puppy mill and handed off to rescue, or seized by the ASPCA and found it's way to rescue.

This is Connor in Pennsylvania, one of the lucky ones!  Such a handsome boy and pure joy to paint! 


  1. I love this little rascal...with those bright eyes he has to have a touch of independence!
    I admire you for volunteering your time to such a worthwhile networking program.

  2. This is a gorgeous painting of Conner! Great use of color. Thanks for what you're doing for the dogs!

  3. He looks so intent on something in the distance. Beautifully done.